FitCompany4U Vitality Programs

With Fitcompany4U we bring vitality to your business.

Vital employees are necessary for a healthy and fit organisation. Healthy and fit employees are the best employees, because they peform better. The energy level and the productivity increases, and the employees are more focused. With that, a healthy employee has less stress and he or she is less sick, so you will sve around €2.000 every week (per employee) absenteeism. So as manager it is important to stimulate a healthy lifestyle by your employees, especially when you can prevent long term illness or burn-outs


If you as a manager want to make your company, vital, healthy and fit, than FitCompany4U is the place to be, for support by coaching, vitality workshops and group workouts. You can as a manager always count on our professional and personal support during the project.


We offer different kinds of Vitality programs:

  • FitManagement4U
  • FitTeam4U

You can count on an energetic day with the (management) team, with 2 workshops! You and your team will get a motivational speech from an international athlete and a Dutch champioen (Evelien Nellen -van Pelt) where we will connect sportsmanship and discipline to the workfloor. Besides that we will also take a look at the company canteen.

In every Vitality program there is 1 standard workshop, besides that you can always chose a 2nd workshop or workout.

Workshops and Workouts

  • FitNutrition4U
  • FitNightsrest4U
  • FitExercise4U
  • FitRelaxing4U
  • FitMindset4U
  • FitWorkoutBootcamp4U
  • FitWorkoutCardioBoksing4U
  • FitWorkoutGym4U

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