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100% WHEY PROTEIN (900gr)


100% WHEY PROTEIN is a combination of premium ingredients and a balanced combination of new manufacturing technologies.
100% WHEY PROTEIN limited edition

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New technology offers new possibilities! And with this technology the market receives the extraordinary product 100% WHEY PROTEIN which is composed of the best sources of ultra-fi ltered whey protein concentrate and CFM (whey protein isolate).

The 80% protein is easy to dissolve and the product itself tastes great.

Intended for: high-intensity training athletes focused on receiving the highest quality form of protein, muscle mass growth, reduction diet or ketogenic diet, lack of nutrients supplement for vegetarians.
  • 76 % protein
  • 5000 mg of BCAA per serving
  • instantized whey protein (WPC, WPI)
  • great solubility
Recommended dosage: one serving = 30 g into 140 ml of water.
100% WHEY PROTEIN flavors: 
  • blueberry
  • chocolate + cocoa
  • strawberry
  • ice coffee
  • raspberry
  • vanilla
  • biscuit
  • chocolate + cherry
  • pistachio
  • banana
  • tiramisu
  • chocolate + coconut

blueberry, chocolate + cocoa, strawberry, ice coffee, raspberry, vanilla, biscuit, chocolate + cherry, pistachio, banana, Tiramisu, Chocolate + coconut


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