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What is the WBFF?

The WBFF World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Inc. is a lifestyle-brand that is all about the fitness-, beauty-, fashion-, competitive sport-, health- and well-being industries. Through events / shows / competitions and social media, the WBFF has successfully introduced a niche market for receptive global mainstream audiences. We are the fastest growing beauty and fitness organization. We combine fashion and beauty in a unique and spectacular event like no other worldwide.

Our series of events in North America and the rest of the world offer an arena for participants / models to develop and for companies to grow in our industry. The WBFF is home to several of the most fascinating, glamorous and beautiful models in the world. The professionally executed and entertaining WBFF shows and events grow exponentially in production value and presence every year.


The WBFF is coming to the Netherlands in our beautiful Amsterdam. The competition will be held on 8 September at the Meervaart theater in Amsterdam. The show is for amateurs and is open to everyone. It does not matter if you have already done more matches, or that this may be your first game. The competition is open for any nationality, including for people outside the Netherlands.

The Netherlands WBFF page

Still so many days until the WBFF Amsterdam show








On this page we want to give you as much information as possible about the WBFF and the WBFF Amsterdam show.


  • Date and time show: September 8th / 5 pm
  • Show level: only for amateurs (open to everyone, regardless of which league)
  • Location: Meervaart Theater in Amsterdam see:
  • Entranceprice: $ 72,50
  • Parking:
  • Host hotel: Apollo Ramada in Amsterdam -> rooms you can book yourself
  • Date and time of registration: September 7 from 16.30 to 19.00
  • Compulsory athletes meeting: 7 September 7 pm



 The registration

The registration takes place at the Apollo Ramada hotel in Amsterdam from 16.30 to 19.00. Make sure you are well dressed, no tank tops, shirts and slippers etc. Dress to impress!!

All participants must register themselves:

  1. Registration
  2. You get your badge
  3. You will receive an envelope with the schedule of the competition
  4. You sign an approval form of health
  5. You complete the BIO contestant form and submit it

Shortly after registration there is a mandatory athletes meeting where you get more info about the day:

  1. What is expected of you
  2. We go through the rules and codes of conduct
  3. We explain how you get to the theater
  4. An explanation about the stage
  5. Open time for questions



BIO Form

Fill out the BIO form in advance

Download the BIO form

Intrance tickets

Buy here your tickets for the show.

Normal tickets are $ 72.50 and VIP tickets (near the stage) are $ 105, –



The show starts at 5pm.

All participants are expected to be backstage at least 1.5 hours in advance.

  • Alcohol is NOT allowed backstage
  • Backstage is only for the WBFF crew and for the participants



Go here to register for the WBFF show

 The registration of the show goes via the WBFF site itself. The registration fee is $ 380 per class. Go to the WBFF Amsterdam show and click on register. You will then end up on a site where you can log in or create an account. Do not you have that yet? Then you make it. Enter all your data, including your height, this is important for the length of the class you will be divided into later. You can make the payment with a credit card or with Paypal. You will receive a confirmation of the registration shortly after you have registered. You can also register for multiple classes.

Beauty services:

The beauty services of the WBFF are mandatory if you want to participate in the show. The WBFF wants a beautiful and glamorous look for both ladies and gentlemen.

Beauty services consist of tanning, hair and make-up. The WBFF works with a tanning developed by their own. Own tanning is not allowed. The WBFF tanning is a beautiful light brown tanning, which has been specially developed for the beauty and fitness industry. The make-up and hair used by the make-up and hair artists are from top brands.

  • Hair and make-up – only for ladies
  • Tanning – for ladies and gentlemen

After registration you will receive a message from the WBFF to arrange the beauty services. If you want to arrange this right away and if you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to:


Jouw WBFF Banner

Banners are ideal to promote yourself on social media. You can clearly indicate that you will participate in the show. You can order the WBFF banners via the link below. Make sure you have 1 or 2 good photos at high resolution.


Posing shorts

The posing pants for men, also called posing trunks, can be bought at the registration on September 7th. At the WBFF all male participants are obliged to wear an official WBFF-posing pants. For all female participants there is no obligation regarding the bikini. Please note, that during the bikini / comparison round, the bikini must be 2-pieces. With the themewear round, a bikini may be one whole.

The classes

At the WBFF there are different classes, in which you can participate. You can choose to participate in 1 class, or possibly in multiple classes. For example, do you doubt between the bikini and fitness class and do you not really know where you belong? Then you can just participate in 2 classes. Or maybe you want to participate in the transformation class, or in a 35+ class extra. This is possible at the WBFF, we call this a crossover.

Down below you will find all the amateur classes:

Lady classes:

  • Transformation (open class)
  • Commercial model (open class)
  • Diva Bikini (short t/m 1.64m; tall over 1.64m; 35+)
  • Diva Fitness (short t/m 1.64m; tall over 1.64m; 35+)
  • Diva Figure (open class; 35+)

Gentlemen classes:

  • Transformation (open class)
  • Fitness model (short; tall)
  • Muscle model (short; tall)

Diva Bikini Model

The Diva Bikini-model class is primarily a beauty contest. Female participants are judged on their overall beauty, body shapes and tone. This competition consists of two rounds, a round in bikini and a round in an evening dress.

Diva Bikini Model expectations:

The focus is on beauty, beauty of the face, the overall figure, physical fitness and the self-confidence of the participants.

2-piece bikini: Every color, pattern and style is allowed, as long as it is conservative presentable. Thongs are not allowed.
Evening dress: Each participant wears a dress she has chosen herself. Attention is focused on the overall appearance, self-confidence, sense of style and beauty of the participant in the dress of her choice.
The dress must be long, which falls under the ankles. Any style, fabric, beads and sequins are allowed. It is recommended to choose a dress that shows her personality, but also a dress that is fashionable and couture. (Too many patterns are not recommended.)

Round # 1: Bikini round – T-Walk
Round # 2: Evening dress round


Female Diva Fitness Model

The Diva Fitness model class is just a bit more muscular and outgoing than the diva bikini class. The rating in the class is:

40% – Overall Marketability -> Fashion and beauty
40% – Body Tone -> Muscles and definition
20% – Stage presentation, attitude and self confidence

From the WBFF Female Fitness Model we ask for the stage in a creative and glamorous themewear. Different ideas can be, such as: Victoria’s Secret Style or Vegas Show Girls. This round should not be confused with a sportswear theme round, because that is not. This is definitely a very creative and glamorous round for the participants to show their beauty and conditioning, while adding a component of fashion, style and beauty.

Diva Fitness Bikini Suit:

Each color pattern and style is allowed, as long as it is conservative presentable. Thongs or other unsuitable pants that are too small at the bottom are absolutely not allowed.

What is actually a DIVA?!?!

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary:

A diva is a big or famous woman. A female deity. A woman who is worshiped, especially because of her beauty. ‘Diva’ is the Italian word for ‘goddess’, the feminine form of the Italian word divus (= “GOD”).
Participants in the Fitness Diva Model category are judged on their sense of style, balance, overall beauty and stage presence and display a fit and sleek physical appearance. From Fitness Diva Models are expected to walk on stage in a special pattern that will be explained to the athletes who gather the evening before the race (t walk style walk). The participants must be able to present themselves well in a stylish, feminine and tasteful way that is accessible. There are 2 rounds for this category: including:

Round # 1: 2-piece bikini round

Round # 2: Themewear round (example: Victoria’s Secret style clothing must compliment the participant’s physique, see suggestions above)

Female Diva Figure Model

The WBFF assessment criteria for the figure category are as follows. There are two rounds that are judged, the 1st round is a comparison round and the second round is a thematic round. There is no routine round in the WBFF figure class. The participants are expected to present their bodies to the jury in an elegant and feminine way. The Diva Figure ladies are more muscular and drier than the Diva Fitness ladies. It is important that they have a healthy radiation, the body is in balance in proportion, they can present themselves well. The body must be visibly athletic, sexy and a natural look.

Diva Figure Bikini Suit:


Each color pattern and style is allowed, as long as it is conservative presentable. Thong-style or other unsuitable pants that are too small at the bottom are absolutely not allowed.


Round # 1: 2-piece bikini round – round symmetry

Round # 2: Themewear round (example: Victoria’s Secret style clothing should compliment the physique of the participant, see above suggestions diva fitness)



Commercial Model

Largest component of the Modelling industry

Get the opportunity to meet some of the industry’s top photographers, talent agencies, casting directors and professionals. Do you have what it takes to make it in the world of Commercial modelling?

“Commercial modeling is one of the largest and most diverse fields of modeling, Models are used in television ads and instructional or corporate videos. This is a specialized yet lucrative area of modeling. Models may be featured in catalogues, magazine advertisements, beauty products, life style, fashion ads, and anything where a model is used to sell a product or a service. Commercial print models promote clothing/products on billboards, buses, magazines and newspapers.” Commercial models are usually very photogenic. Companies are always looking for the right look to represent their brand. The demand for  commercial models is high and companies are always looking for the best look that is unique.

WBFF Shows Entry Criteria:


Must be at least 17 years of age
Ages 17-35 eligible to participate in this contest
Height requirement : 5’4 to 6 ft

Contestants from all around the world are eligible to enter in any WBFF event with this category

Commercial Model Rounds and Descriptions:

Round #1 SwimwearRound – 1 piece swimsuit any style 5- 6 inch heels that match your attire

Swimsuit Round:

All Female contestants must wear a one piece bikini swimsuit, and high heels 5-6 inch classy shoes that compliment the contestant.   No thongs, lace lingerie, nylons or aerobic clothing. Each contestant will perform a t- walk or runway walk both are to be prepared and practiced. (one time only) and exit off the side of the  stage. No constant posing or dancing will be permitted. Music will be provided for all contestants. Judging will be on healthy body tone, shape, beauty marketability and overall stage presence.

Round #2 Couture Round – Model dressed in an outfit that is stylish; Polished, sleek and trendy.

Couture Round:

Contestants are required to wear an outfit in either  black, white or colour combination. Too much print is not advised on clothing as it  may become distracting.  Each contestant will be permitted to enter the top of the “T”, walk it”s length (one time only) and exit off. Each stage design will be different.  Standard runway music will be provided. No bouncy or constant posing is allowed. Contestant Judging will be on poise, posture, personality, projection, runway techniques and the ability to walk and turn gracefully.

All contestants must wear a cover up in all public areas during the competition. Disqualification may occur if contestants are found in open areas not dressed appropriately.

Event Finalists:

For each event  3-5 finalists will be selected ( depending on the size of the category) to participate in the most Glamorous show on earth The WBFF Worlds to compete for the grand prize.

Male Fitness Model

Criteria for male fitnessmodel:

The WBFF will assess men on their male appearance, marketability and podium presentation. The male fitness models are also judged on their ability to show their character, style and self-confidence.
The men are expected to show their best and physical characteristics as much as possible, whether or not they show off. In addition, it is important that they project a good and healthy lifestyle. The look that the WBFF is looking for is a slim, well-proportioned, athletic and healthy-looking body.
40% – Marketability
40% – Physique
20% – Presence / presentation on stage

The rounds:

Round # 1: Swimsuit round: square cut short, which is designed by the WBFF itself. Your own shorts / short is not allowed.

Round # 2: Runway Round Evening Wear
All male participants are required to wear formal clothing / evening wear. Jeans and a t-shirt are unacceptable and are marked. All men are expected to present themselves in a runway style for this category. Couture / tailor-made suit is recommended. Choose something that suits you and what your body compliments. Choice of shoes is to your own taste, make sure it fits the look.

Male Muscle Model

Criteria for male fitnessmodel:

This category is for athletes who are too big for the fitness model class. They show more muscle mass and muscle definition than the male fitness model. A Muscle Model is judged on overall physique, conditioning and overall balance of musculature and muscle definition.

The rounds:

Round # 1: Physique round: There is 1 round for this class. Mandatory is a square short cut short, which is designed by the WBFF itself. Your own shorts / short is not allowed.

Assessment criteria:

This category is assessed based on a 60/40 distribution. Men can also choose to do a crossover in the male fitness class. They do so in 2 classes.

60% based on the physical body

40% overall marketability and podium presentation.




Transformation class

This class is meant for people who have undergone a tremendous physical transformation. Naturally a beautiful class as a stepping stone, for example if you have lost a lot and would like to share your story, trip to it.

  • All participants, men and women, must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Transformation can be back from 3 months to 3-4 years
  • Participants are judged on their personal story and transformation of weight loss
  • Weight loss can be anywhere from 10 pounds to more than 100 plus pounds
  • Participants present themselves on stage during the WBFF live show.

Participants must fill in a registration form with the registration on the site, with their personal story. This text is included with the registration and can be seen on your profile. In addition, we want a high-resolution BEFORE photo of the participants, you can upload the photo or send it to Photos must be sent in jpg form. Bring your story (on paper) + photos on a USB stick once again during the registration (evening before the show). The jury will read your story and view “before photos” prior to the show.


For clarification: You submit your story + photo online and at the registration you deliver your story, on paper and the before photos on a USB stick.


Live WBFF event:

The participants are presented live on stage, their story and before photo is shown. Afterwards the final result of their transformation can be seen and they can present themselves.

On the stage, participants will present themselves in swimwear.


For the ladies:

2-part or 1-part at your own choice. As long as it compliments the participant and is stylish. For the ladies, beautiful shoes are recommended as an addition to the outfit of the participants. 3-5 inch heels are preferred.

For the gentlemen:

Swim shorts or square cut shorts with bare feet sandals, or sports shoes that also fit the clothes.

As bonus:

Top 3 or top 5 (based on the number of participants in the show) qualifies to participate in the most glamorous show in the world: The WBFF Worlds. Where the main prize will be awarded, as well as photo shoots with top photographers from the industry and the chance to be mentioned in the official magazine Fit & Firm of the WBFF.



To go to the official WBFF international site, click on the button below.

Naar de officiële WBFF site


From the WBFF we hereby announce: reference, Paul Dillett (President Director), Allison Dillett (vice president), (Brian Blijd European Director), (Toby Harrison General Director), Evelien Nellen (WBFF diva fitness PRO)

Following the events of recent times and several analyzes of observations the following concrete, which can not or will not be deviated from agreements made, in writing.

The officials for the WBFF, for the representation and organization WBFF Netherlands:


-Brian Blijd, director, organisor

-Toby Harrison, director, organisor

-Evelien Nellen, WBFF PRO -organisor.

The structure of the organization stands. This has been appointed by Paul & Allison Dillett (president & vice president of the WBFF).

All the points below have been picked up and dealt with by the WBFF officials:

-The WBFF Netherlands social media pages are by Brian Blijd & Evelien Nellen.

– Complaints regarding these pages can be filed with Brian Blijd, Evelien Nellen or Toby Harrison.

– The authority of the Dutch production is under the direction of Brian Blijd, followed by Toby Harrison.

– Attempting to humiliate the brand, federation or officials has resulted in disciplinary sanctions during the preparation, the show and afterwards.

– The individuals who have the recent time or trouble to date with individuals or companies affiliated with the WBFF, will have the opportunity to bring this into a conclave with me and Evelien Nellen personally in conversation.

Does this not work or is there a certain personal decision not to participate in this process? Then the offering of alternatives will be brought to an end. With further participation with follow-up of undesirable behavior, this will have consequences in sanctions (during preparation, during show or after the show)

– Other parties who do not work according to the WBFF house rules or (attempted) impersonation of the WBFF related matters: please note, posing, banners, shorts, tanning, show element, social media page and recruitment for personal gain.


This will be proceeded to a zero tolerance policy, without the approval of WBFF officials or management, equal to the transition of sanction of organization or participating members of the organization (including athletes) (during the preparation, during show or after the show).

For questions you can contact one of the appointed officials.



– Paul & Allison Dillett

– Toby Harrison

– Brian Blijd

– Evelien Nellen