FitCompany4U Vitality programs


With Fitcompany4U we want to bring vitality to your company.

Vitality is the key to healthy working. Vital employees contribute to a fit and healthy organization. Healthy and fit employees are better employees because they simply perform better. The energy level is increasing, the productivity is increasing and the employees are sharper. In addition, a healthy employee suffers less from stress and is less often ill and thus the employer saves about € 2,000 per week (per employee) absenteeism. As an employer, it therefore always pays to encourage a healthy lifestyle for his / her employees. Especially if the employer can prevent long-term illness or burn-out.

If you, as an employer, want to make the company vital, healthy and fit, FitCompany4U is the right address for coaching, vitality workshops and group training. As an employer, you can always count on professional and personal support during the process.

We offer various Vitality programs:

With our Vitality programs you can count on an energetic day with the (management) team, with 2 workshops! You and your team receive a motivational speech from an international athlete and Dutch champion (Evelien Nellen – van Pelt), in which we link sportiness and perseverance to the work floor. In addition, we jointly take a look at your company canteen.

In every Vitality program there is one permanent workshop, in addition you can choose a second workshop or training yourself:

Workshops and Trainings

  • FitNutrition4U
  • FitNightsrest4U
  • FitExercise4U
  • FitRelaxing4U
  • FitMindset4U
  • FitWorkoutBootcamp4U
  • FitWorkoutCardioBoksing4U
  • FitWorkoutGym4U

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